Designing and Building Effective Software Applications

Our approach to Solutions Architecture begins by focusing on a detailed evaluation of the functional needs while keeping the technology requirements at arms-length. We find that it is often far more effective to evaluate what the eventual systems should be able to provide to the organization and then evaluate which technologies will be able to provide the results

The process of applying technology to function, rather then function to technology, results in the deployment of more innovative and flexible software. The underlying databases in such systems usually become the repository for objects that control the various technology components which results in less reliance on specific hardware platforms and the ability to incorporate new equipment as individual hardware components are improved. This increases the value of the application environment significantly since allowance for technology change is built into the design.

A recent example of this approach was the creation of our Biometric Data Processing environment in an application which currently requires the capture and processing of fingerprints for access control validation. We designed a comprehensive biometric data repository which will permit the use of multiple fingerprint reading technologies as well as the introduction of other biometric data capture platforms (facial and iris recognition and hand geometry, for example) should the client wish to make use of these technologies in the future.